Lazy K Woodworking, is a serendipitous creation by 5th generation Montanan Kyle C. Hanson. In 2005, the city of Bozeman issued a request for proposals to remove the nearly 100 year old barns at the base of Story Hill, a popular recreation and sledding hill. The two old barns stored coal and timber for the Galligator Railroad line that ran diagonally through town to Gallatin Gateway. The site is now used for parking for the Bozeman Public Library and Story Hill area. Kyle and his dad saw a fun opportunity to save a piece of Montana history so he submitted a bid and won. With friends and family, the barns were carefully dismantled and salvagable materials were kept. Not long after, Kyle was gifted a woodworking class and made his first table out of the wood. That table sits in his sister's dining room. Maybe Norwegian roots, maybe just a love for tinkering, but the passion stuck.

That passion of labor and artistry is demonstrated by each work including a little gift also built of the barnwood, a CD with photos of the barns and process of each piece built, and each piece is labeled with a piece of newspaper printing tin (also from the barns), and is burner-signed by the artist.

"I love the discovery process of the character of each piece of wood as it is worked, as well as the tangible history of Montana that we can each enjoy in our own homes every day."